Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rick Perry is a prick

The Republican governor of the state of Texas, Rick “Helmet-hair” Perry, is … to simply put… a prick.
In Yiddish, the words one would use are schmuck, putz and petzulah. In more common English, the best description would be asshole, fool and … prick. To use any other kind of language would only bow to a matter of manners and kindness and based on the statements and performance of this one-time Democrat-turncoat-Republican, none are applicable.
Prick is.
He possesses one of the coldest political hearts ever seen in these often backwoods parts of the nation; the one person he cares about is … Rick Perry. You might remember Perry having uttered the words, “Adios, Mo Fo’” when discussing a potential political opponent a few years ago. The term “Mo Fo’” means, to the uneducated … “mother fucker” – most undistinguished and distasteful word to use – even for an Aggie graduate. However, it takes one to know one and Gov. Mo Fo has been fucking the Texas electorate longer than any other governor in Lone Star State history.
Perry cares about one thing – specifically, his political future, and only one voter – himself. All his decisions are made with those two specific things constantly in mind – all the rest of us can go to freaking hell for all he cares.
By any stretch of mercy, his political career will END next March – even among Republicans, when his Aggie ass is kicked to kingdom come by that former UT cheerleader, Kay Bailey Hutchison, currently one of two GOP U.S. Senators in D.C.
And then, if there is a God in heaven and justice in this world, SHE will be beaten by the Democratic nominee, perhaps Houston Mayor Bill White, who has shown more administrative ability and acumen to deliver consensus decisions and policies than EITHER Perry or Hutchison (both of whom are FAR too tied and stained as George W. Bush disciples – in fact, Perry became governor after Bush left Austin to be the worst president in modern times).
Perry recently shows his ass and true colors when he rejected millions of federal stimulus aid for Texas – and its unemployment compensation fund (which, by the way, is running out of funds due to the humungous overload of recent applications following a flood of layoffs over the past 3-4 months). Rather than show a centimeter of sympathy toward those Texans facing a terribly uncertain future, Perry continued to suck on the tit of Texas businesses – to which he is entirely beholden in word, deed and campaign contributions.
Perry is more worried about how businesses will have to react to paying more and longer into the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) fund. That’s a laudable position EXCEPT he never proclaimed one second of empathy for the thousands now unemployed, who were, and are, looking to the TWC for some temporary relief.
Perry is a horse that runs with blinders; he cannot see to either side of him. He constantly states that the Texas economy is in MUCH better shape than the national economy, when that’s simply NOT the truth. Texas merely runs a full 12 months BEHIND how the rest of the nation reacts – when the housing bubble burst 18 months ago, it hadn’t hit Texas … yet. It has NOW! All those job losses that slammed California and the Midwest are slamming Texas NOW!
And they aren’t seeing the traditional “poor” in those TWC unemployment lines (older, minority, less educated); it is the high tech, IT people being laid off in traditional Texas Republican areas and these people (who USED to vote for Perry) are mad as hornets about the lack of compassion from the Governor’s Trailer (the Mansion is still under reconstruction). There are men and women that USED to make six figures looking for jobs that simply are few and far between. More and more and more Texas employers are trimming staffs, freezing hires and cutting wages – from American Airlines to Texas Instruments to Toyota to school districts and city governments.
And Perry has no sympathy for any of them. He will NOT lead any reform of school taxation, to allow more flexibility of districts to cover their costs WITHOUT sacrificing teachers, programs or the ability to build needed classrooms for expanding enrollment. If Texas “bidness” is “agin” it, so is Governor Rick simply because they tell him so. It IS a case of “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.”
People should remember that when he ran for re-election in 2006, Perry only garnered 39% of the vote in a three-person race and won (the other candidates were an unknown Democrat congressman and Kinky Friedman, a comedic songwriter and general gadfly). He never got any measure of a mandate yet preened into office as if swept by a tidal wave from the electorate. His cocky ass needs a refresher course in humility.
Texans MIGHT be against many levels of the federal stimulus package but turning their backs on the recently unemployed should not be one of those policies. Because … the unemployed vote, and without jobs, they have MORE time to organize other voters … to vote Perry out – and all the other far-right GOPers who support him. This used to be a reasonable state but all too often, it revels in holding up the likes of Karl Rove, Tom DeLay and other half-cocked assholes as prime Texas representation and political thinkers.
Which moves me to another point, and question: Why do SO many people turn their collective thumbs down and noses up at working men and women who build American automobiles as “Do nothing” assembly line workers, when they, themselves, do nothing more than sit at a computer and punch keyboards all day long? Since when is sitting on your ass at a computer HARD work? If I can do it, it ain’t HARD work.
It shocks, saddens and amazes me to hear the half-witted call to right-wing talk radio (locally and nationally) to bad mouth those who work in such laborious jobs. They also slam teachers because their spawn fail to be educated (because Mom and Dad are too fucking busy to give a shit about young Johnny’s education and won’t pay the rising cost to do it properly because God forbid they might not be able to add that extra bottle of Jack Daniels or waste another weekend in Shreveport, or get a bigger set of obnoxious tires for that jacked-up shit-kicker pickup truck).
They sour on people who are creative in thinking and performance and people who actually use their brains to solve problems, rather than resort to some sort of brute force (physically or psychological). They were the same ones who laughed at that MILF Sarah Palin when she made fun of “community organizers” during the 2008 election, as if that was not a respectable profession.
But, as was discovered last November, they are NOT the majority and not that moral; most of their stands are hypocritical. They are as much the problem as they are the solution.
Work is work and as that work evolves and changes with the times, respect for how a person earns a paycheck should be maintained. I respect the computer tech for his/her ability as I do for laborers who work with their hands. Each person is granted with a certain skill set and how we employ that set determines our value in life.
It’s a lot like religion – squarely between you and your “boss.” Others have NO right or business to judge YOU based on what THEY believe. It’s no way to run a country.
And Rick Perry is STILL a prick.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Every word you say is true. It is way past due to be rid of this tax robber.

Anonymous said...

Well said! I feel the Republican goal is to privatize everything, including education. Look what happened in Wisconsin. In my opinion, his efforts at emphasizing his religious beliefs is nothing more than a political move. Last time I looked, the Bill of Rights specified a separation of church and state. So, it would seem that a prayer should be a private and personal act, without political ties. After all, isn't America a melting pot of different religions? I question the intentions of Perry. Do we really want a President who called for succession as Governor?