Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where is the media's outrage and defense of the New York Times?

Now everyone knows that Karl Rove is out of his cage and on the loose.
There is NO question that he is the mastermind behind this unprecedented attack on the New York Times for last week’s publication of a story which “revealed” the existence of a clandestine/secret/undisclosed program to track the bank accounts of Americans and transactions from “suspect” foreign bank accounts – all in this continuing assault of citizens’ rights that the Bush Administration feels compelled to do in the name of “battlin’ terr-rah.”
Rove’s paw prints are all over this because, oops, two OTHER papers, the Los Angeles Times AND Wall Street Journal, also published the same information on the same day as the New York Times. However, only the New Yorkers, the “perceived” liberal, anti-conservative, anti-Bush Easterners, are under merciless attack from out-of-control Congressmen seeking charges of treason and espionage (GOP Peter King), from any right-wing talking head that can be found NOT subject to Viagra-induced probation and every governmental official that draws a paycheck from George W. Bush.
Never mind that this same President stood in front of the Treasury Department in 2003, with cameras rolling, and told the world of just such a policy being instituted. That doesn’t come into play.
What is completely a shock is the total lack of compadre support from other major newspapers! This COULD be any paper or media outlet! Or do you they (Times executive editor) Bill Keller should be tried as a spy for disclosing the truth (the story isn’t being denied; just its publication)?
This seems to go to the heart of the media member’s jobs. Is there any doubt remaining about the Bush White House’s attitude toward the press and its complete overwhelming preoccupation with keeping even the slight bit of information secret for that very reason … because they claim they can.
We continue to lose our rights as Americans on a daily basis so long as Bush and his cronies occupy the White House and Congress and the courts.
Until one day, there will be no more rights for any of us. Just our “security” as defined by a sacred few.
God HELP America!

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