Friday, December 12, 2008

Screw the Southern anti-union states!!!!

Last night’s failure to provide Congressional financial help to the American auto industry is another example of how a small group of ideologues are out to ruin other parts of this nation in order for their small-minded sector to profit.
All this fucked-up anti-union (specifically the United Auto Workes) talk is for the birds. Where was all this anti-banker, anti-stockbroker, anti-speculator, and anti-white collar yacking when 10 TIMES the billions wre being shoveled down the black hole that is AIG and all the other banks (who have totally failed to live by their agreement to become LENDERS instead of buyers)?
Naw, it's not GM management that’s the problem; it's not the fickle American public that scooped up the SUVs and other gas eaters like candy and SUDDENLY decided to become green flag waving consumers over night.
It's ALL the fault of union workers, who negotiated in good faith, a higher raise and pay scale with management. It's their fault for not taking a severe pay cut DEMANDED at the point of a gun by Southern Republican senators who are ALL hanging under major fiduciary conflicts of interest - with MAJOR foreign carmaker presence in their states and will gain financially to see Detroit and the Big Three fail.
For the record, Japanese workers might be PAID less hourly wages but they are provided government benefits in excess of those contractually negotiated by American UAW workers - that factor is never entered into ANY equation.
This IS, and always HAS BEEN, about breaking unions by anti-union plantation-owning thinking white males senators who have decided the Civil War can still be won by the South almost 150 years after it tore apart this nation.
Gee whiz, it is doing the same thing ... again.
I, for one, will never set foot in certain states again ... or do business with any entity headquartered there (Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee to be specific). This is the UNITED States of America, not just the Southern right-wing states of America.
And what is always missing in the bankruptcy debate is the failure of any bank/lending institution to serve as a guarantor of debts in Chapter 11 for General Motors. Without it, reorganization cannot happen. Then it's Chapter 7 - liquidation and bye, bye hundreds of thousands of jobs.
Principle is nice to talk over coffee but when there is no one left to serve the coffee, what good is it?
And let's ask why the banks, who have been the favored darlings of billions of bailout dollars, continue to be as willing as corpses to lend money ... to anyone. They continue to be self-serving thieves, preying upon the taxpayer to fund their lavish lifestyles while others suffer.
American is burning and these people – these headline grabbing holier-than-thou Republicans – are just fiddling around.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fortune smiles on those who wait

From her lips to God's ears:
So here’s my story … on Monday of this week, or maybe Tuesday, an older woman came to the Samaritan Inn and asked to meet with me.
Seems she and her mother recently sold some land they owned in Frisco and felt compelled by God to make a donation to charity - problem was they didn’t know of a charity.
But then - in a message from God, written by Chuck Bloom for the Dallas Morning News, they read about me (see below blog posting).
And Edwina (yes, that was her name) and her mother, thought I seemed like “a very nice girl” so she came by to drop off a check.
For (are you ready?) …
In the amount of ( are you sitting down?) ...


That’s right 40,000 big ones because of your column and because I am a very nice girl. I really need to be nice more often.
Thank you, Edwina, thank you, Dallas Morning News, thank you, Chuck Bloom!!!!!


(Being nice since 1974)

Lynne Sipiora
Executive Director

The Samaritan Inn
1710 North McDonald Street
McKinney, TX 75071
phone 972-542-5302
fax 972-569-9988

If any of you feel euqally "inspired" to make a ... smaller ... donation in my name, your name and the name of your choice, contact Lynne at the Samaritan Inn, Collin County's ONLY homeless shelter (and one hell of a major charity and need in an area where wealth hides the REAL problems of others). Use the numbers or address shown above.
And GOD BLESS YOU for doing it.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Lynne Sipiora: Texan of the Year - Changing the world for people in need

Author's Note: This column appeared in the Op/Ed pages of the December 4, 2008 edition of the Dallas Morning News, in conjunction with the newspaper's annual Texan of the Year designation - due to be disclosed Dec. 30.
This is the original submission, which was edited for space requirements.
She has never thrown the winning touchdown pass to capture the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl or Super Bowl; nor has she won a Grammy or any political office. All she has done is … change the world; at least for some people in need here in Collin County.
As executive director of the Samaritan Inn, the only homeless shelter in Collin County, Lynne Sipiora proudly marshals the task of providing food, shelter, counseling and the possibility of a better future to a group of folks many would rather forget. And on April 9, 2008, she achieved one of her goals for the Inn – the finished construction and opening of the Gateway Apartments project in McKinney, the first transitional housing unit for homeless people in Collin County.
For that important achievement to humanity, she deserves her nomination for Texan of the Year by the Dallas Morning News.
Think for one moment what Gateway represents to its residents. For the first time in ages, 20 families (and more in the future) can re-emerge into society as functional, productive citizens; a crucial stage of establishing a sense of independence and dignity at a juncture when hope has been reignited after so much pain and loss. Plain and simple, without Lynne’s initiative and oversight, it would never have become a reality.
Sipiora singularly hoisted this challenge on her shoulders and willed Gateway’s completion, doing it without one red cent from any governmental agency. She found the perfect silent partner in Dallas philanthropist Marc Sparks, who totally funded the construction and property purchase; got the builders, Darling Brothers, to do the work at cost; and convinced numerous businesses, churches, social groups and individuals to sponsor various aspects of the everyday Gateway regimen.
Lynne’s daily task at the Inn is difficult enough; each resident has a tale of woe and reasons for their predicament. There is the added heartbreaking burden of having to turn away others (including families with children, the hidden innocent victims of homelessness) due to a lack of space and resources. This work can crush most normal spirits and souls, but she always rises to the challenge (even if it takes more than a scoop of Rocky Road as a boost).
Add to this her backbreaking schedule of meetings, speeches, fundraising activities, executive and committee session, as well as the role of mother and wife – at which she also excels.
“Sometimes it’s pretty overwhelming, but I love my job, it is my passion,” she once wrote me. Her passion and performance earned her the 2007 Executive Director of the Year award from the Texas Homeless Network – and that was BEFORE Gateway was finished.
With Gateway completed, Lynne has her sights focused on the next logical step – a homeless children’s day care center on property next to the complex. If office space were relocated, it would open an additional 30 beds to help people – to change their world. Only a foolish person would bet against her on this.
As many of you have read on these pages, no one can put a definitive face on “the homeless” – they represent the same cross-section of society, like most neighborhoods from which they come (race, age, gender, educational background, cause). In far too many cases, they have become mirror images of ourselves – people who worked hard, followed the rules and searched for the American dream.
However, a stumble here, an illness there, or a divorce where one former spouse was left without adequate financial support placed them into circumstances beyond their control … and out of control. The problem in these rough economic times is only becoming more acute, not better, and the services offered by the Samaritan Inn will be needed more than ever in Collin County.
If, for whatever reason fate decides, should it be you or I who faces such trials and tribulations, you need that oft-dreaded four-letter word, “help,” the person who want, you need, to be at your side is Lynne Sipiora – to change your world. She is truly a worthy recipient for any Texan of the Year honor.
To learn more about the Samaritan Inn, or to donate and/or volunteer, go to

Monday, December 01, 2008

Big 12 conference cluster fuck

The exclusion of the Texas Longhorns from the Big 12 Conference footballchampionship is one major cluster fuck. Any tiebreaking system that permits OUTSIDE non-conference forces (such as the BCS standings) to determine a champion is WRONG! In truth, Texas and OU should play one more time for the conference title. Missouri deserves squat, especially after losing to Kansas last Saturday ... at home!
Truthfully, realignment of the Big 12 should be a consideration. There are too many powerful teams in one division (UT, OU, TT, OSU - sorry A&M not yet there; got passed this season by a resurging Baylor) while the North has too many weak sisters (ISU, CU, Nebraska). Putting Oklahoma and Oklahoma State into the North would establish a balance of power.
Here is what every UT fan should openly root to happen:1) Missouri to stun OU in the Big 12 title game (by the way, all these extra affairs should be abolished - they are only played for mo' money and circumvent any argument AGAINST a national playoff system).
2) For UCLA to stun crosstown rival Southern Cal and put undeserving Oregon State into the BCS.
That will leave Penn State or Texas (higher ranked in the BCS) to haggle about playing the winner of Florida-Alabama for the national title. The nod will go to Texas over Penn State based on schedule.
Uh, it COULD happen, right? That way Texas, who will not win its "conference" title can become a national champion. It has taken place once before - just ask Nebraska.