Friday, December 12, 2008

Screw the Southern anti-union states!!!!

Last night’s failure to provide Congressional financial help to the American auto industry is another example of how a small group of ideologues are out to ruin other parts of this nation in order for their small-minded sector to profit.
All this fucked-up anti-union (specifically the United Auto Workes) talk is for the birds. Where was all this anti-banker, anti-stockbroker, anti-speculator, and anti-white collar yacking when 10 TIMES the billions wre being shoveled down the black hole that is AIG and all the other banks (who have totally failed to live by their agreement to become LENDERS instead of buyers)?
Naw, it's not GM management that’s the problem; it's not the fickle American public that scooped up the SUVs and other gas eaters like candy and SUDDENLY decided to become green flag waving consumers over night.
It's ALL the fault of union workers, who negotiated in good faith, a higher raise and pay scale with management. It's their fault for not taking a severe pay cut DEMANDED at the point of a gun by Southern Republican senators who are ALL hanging under major fiduciary conflicts of interest - with MAJOR foreign carmaker presence in their states and will gain financially to see Detroit and the Big Three fail.
For the record, Japanese workers might be PAID less hourly wages but they are provided government benefits in excess of those contractually negotiated by American UAW workers - that factor is never entered into ANY equation.
This IS, and always HAS BEEN, about breaking unions by anti-union plantation-owning thinking white males senators who have decided the Civil War can still be won by the South almost 150 years after it tore apart this nation.
Gee whiz, it is doing the same thing ... again.
I, for one, will never set foot in certain states again ... or do business with any entity headquartered there (Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee to be specific). This is the UNITED States of America, not just the Southern right-wing states of America.
And what is always missing in the bankruptcy debate is the failure of any bank/lending institution to serve as a guarantor of debts in Chapter 11 for General Motors. Without it, reorganization cannot happen. Then it's Chapter 7 - liquidation and bye, bye hundreds of thousands of jobs.
Principle is nice to talk over coffee but when there is no one left to serve the coffee, what good is it?
And let's ask why the banks, who have been the favored darlings of billions of bailout dollars, continue to be as willing as corpses to lend money ... to anyone. They continue to be self-serving thieves, preying upon the taxpayer to fund their lavish lifestyles while others suffer.
American is burning and these people – these headline grabbing holier-than-thou Republicans – are just fiddling around.

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Anonymous said...

Chuck, so how do you explain all the non-union auto factories in Canada? Just a bunch of southern slave owners up there? LOL

Non-union American Toyota workers in Alabama make a higher hourly wage than General Motors workers. However, the benefits of the Toyota workers aren't ridiculous.

My uncle has worked for GM his whole life and is now retired. I know all about the unions. It's a joke.

I just want someone to do a simple thing and I can't because the guy I have has a contract that says he can't do the simple thing, some other guy has to. So I have to wait around for the guy who is allowed to do this simple thing shows up.

That is a union. That is exactly why companies that are unionized are much less productive than companies that are not unionized.

My aunt was a teacher, in a teachers union. When she retired, the school district had to give her over $20,000 in sick pay she didn't use. That's ridiculous.

General Motors should be allowed to go bankrupt. Banks that choose to give risky loans should go bankrupt too, assuming the government didn't force them to give the loans.

Companies that make stupid decisions fail and companies that make good decisions do not.

Propping up companies that should fail because of poor management completely screws up the economy.