Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fortune smiles on those who wait

From her lips to God's ears:
So here’s my story … on Monday of this week, or maybe Tuesday, an older woman came to the Samaritan Inn and asked to meet with me.
Seems she and her mother recently sold some land they owned in Frisco and felt compelled by God to make a donation to charity - problem was they didn’t know of a charity.
But then - in a message from God, written by Chuck Bloom for the Dallas Morning News, they read about me (see below blog posting).
And Edwina (yes, that was her name) and her mother, thought I seemed like “a very nice girl” so she came by to drop off a check.
For (are you ready?) …
In the amount of ( are you sitting down?) ...


That’s right 40,000 big ones because of your column and because I am a very nice girl. I really need to be nice more often.
Thank you, Edwina, thank you, Dallas Morning News, thank you, Chuck Bloom!!!!!


(Being nice since 1974)

Lynne Sipiora
Executive Director

The Samaritan Inn
1710 North McDonald Street
McKinney, TX 75071
phone 972-542-5302
fax 972-569-9988

If any of you feel euqally "inspired" to make a ... smaller ... donation in my name, your name and the name of your choice, contact Lynne at the Samaritan Inn, Collin County's ONLY homeless shelter (and one hell of a major charity and need in an area where wealth hides the REAL problems of others). Use the numbers or address shown above.
And GOD BLESS YOU for doing it.

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