Thursday, March 08, 2012

IT'S OFFICIAL: Limbaugh has lost his freaking mind!

OK, it's official! Rush Lumbaugh has finally LOST it! Apparently, he is consume, and spending most of his air time, attacking female writers of ALL sorts, from all avenues and on all topics (calling them liars, no talent hacks and being bitchy). He has nary said, or spread, a word about male counterparts - focusing all his mindpower (what's left of it) and energy on women, a group that clearly he cannot stand! Hell, his four childless marraiges should have proven THAT!

Limbaugh attacked one female journalist who wrote a book on poor American families and their eating habits...someone has to explain that to me. It is now obvious of the man's complete disdain and fear (yes, FEAR) of women - a group of humans who completely doesn't understand, like or wish to be with (in ANY sense of the word).
He has reduced himself to a sad caricature and laughable clown, undeserving of future mention by anyone ... until te next time one, or all, of the GOP candidates bend to kiss his ample ass for fear his flaming wrath should singe their nose hairs (based on placement).
How damn-ass SAD!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Let's BUYCOTT these businesses!!!!

Instead of a boycott, I suggest a BUYCOTT for the following businesses:
Pro Flowers (I used them this Valentine's Day)
Quicken Loans
Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Legal Zoom.
THESE companies finally saw the light and have removed themselves as advertisers from Rush Limbaugh's radio/propoganda show! They were fed up with this buffoon's hateful, bigoted, idiotic and malicious statements against women and other Americans.
FINALLY, some people with intenstinal fortitude and proper attiudes, who believe calling women "sluts" is NOT appropriate and certainly NOT "entertainment." Only a schmuck who enjoys watching roosters fight and kill each other considers it to be "entertainment."
People should "rush" to support these people; they obviously are run by parents with daughters, who understand such language, against someone's "little girl," is NOT acceptable under ANY circumstances!
Bravo! Let's see MORE! It is time to send this nag to the barn for good! And then move the attention to another idiot/bigot on the airwaves named Glenn Beck. This is NOT a political thing or ideological crusade; it's about restoring good taste and rational thinking to the public square.

Why did 3M mess with a good thing?

Like using the term "a bridge too far," referring to an effort was stretched beyond its anticipated capacity, I must place this tag upon the 3M Corporation, makers of the famed Post-It Notes. Having used its NEW full-sticky (my name, not 3M's) notes this weekend at the North Texas Irish Festival, I can confidently declare that 3M has tried to fix what wasn't broken. These new pads, distinguished ONLY by rounded bottom edges, SUCK! - a good professional word. Unless you get your nails done at Madame Fu Manchu's salon, it takes too much precision work to pry apart one sheet from another. You end up wasting notes instead of wasting the time it take to unstrip them.
I know it was a good idea at the time to develop a memo pad that REALLY could adhere itself to more surface, but I kinda though that WAS the original purpose of the Post-It note - to pull right off and just by stuck on something really fast! Now it's like getting unstuck from flypaper. Thanks in the future, but no thanks! And people, STOP reinventing the wheel when it rolls just fine...