Monday, March 05, 2012

Let's BUYCOTT these businesses!!!!

Instead of a boycott, I suggest a BUYCOTT for the following businesses:
Pro Flowers (I used them this Valentine's Day)
Quicken Loans
Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Legal Zoom.
THESE companies finally saw the light and have removed themselves as advertisers from Rush Limbaugh's radio/propoganda show! They were fed up with this buffoon's hateful, bigoted, idiotic and malicious statements against women and other Americans.
FINALLY, some people with intenstinal fortitude and proper attiudes, who believe calling women "sluts" is NOT appropriate and certainly NOT "entertainment." Only a schmuck who enjoys watching roosters fight and kill each other considers it to be "entertainment."
People should "rush" to support these people; they obviously are run by parents with daughters, who understand such language, against someone's "little girl," is NOT acceptable under ANY circumstances!
Bravo! Let's see MORE! It is time to send this nag to the barn for good! And then move the attention to another idiot/bigot on the airwaves named Glenn Beck. This is NOT a political thing or ideological crusade; it's about restoring good taste and rational thinking to the public square.

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