Thursday, March 08, 2012

IT'S OFFICIAL: Limbaugh has lost his freaking mind!

OK, it's official! Rush Lumbaugh has finally LOST it! Apparently, he is consume, and spending most of his air time, attacking female writers of ALL sorts, from all avenues and on all topics (calling them liars, no talent hacks and being bitchy). He has nary said, or spread, a word about male counterparts - focusing all his mindpower (what's left of it) and energy on women, a group that clearly he cannot stand! Hell, his four childless marraiges should have proven THAT!

Limbaugh attacked one female journalist who wrote a book on poor American families and their eating habits...someone has to explain that to me. It is now obvious of the man's complete disdain and fear (yes, FEAR) of women - a group of humans who completely doesn't understand, like or wish to be with (in ANY sense of the word).
He has reduced himself to a sad caricature and laughable clown, undeserving of future mention by anyone ... until te next time one, or all, of the GOP candidates bend to kiss his ample ass for fear his flaming wrath should singe their nose hairs (based on placement).
How damn-ass SAD!

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