Sunday, July 16, 2006

U.S. diplomacy like a hockey referee

Having just heard the reactions on the Sunday talk shows from our current Secretary of State, and almost nothing of substance from the President of the United States - the one nation eveyrone agrees MUST step forward if the bloodshed and fighting is to end - I cannot help but liken this to a hockey game where a fight has broken out.
If you saw such a happening at an NHL game, you wiould notice this: the referee usually stands off to one side and lets the two combatants have at it. They punch, they pull, they might gouge and they might even draw blood. Not until one skater falls to the ice and appears to be in total danger deos the referee signal his linesmen to break it up.
In truth, the officials don't condemn the fighting; it restores peace on ice.
Now, is THAT the attitude the U.S. wants to hold when it comes to a situation, over which this nation never had enough influence?
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling this the start of World War III, but Condi Rice is acting as if dining in some Russian palace trumps putting the pressure on those countries (Iran, Syria, etc.) who hold tangible influence over Hezbollah (allegedly he hold influence over Israel). Yet we act like the hockey referee and the fans go wild! However, that mightnot be "cheering" heard in the stands. It could be screams from others for us to act.
Here's ythe real question to ask: When will we?
As an aside, the very thought of anyone seriously considering this woman to be President of the United States is far more frightening than anything Stephen King has written. She is untruthful, as responsive as a puppet and as ineffective as a bad Duracell battery.

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