Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are these my parting gifts for participating?

Now we also see how much of a clothes whore Sarah Palin has become.
$150,000 in outfits since Sept. 1, raising the profits for Neiman-Marcus here in Dallas to say the least.
And now almost $9,000 for a professional makeup artist for Princess Sarah. WOW! You mean that MILF look, driving all those horny neo-cons crazy in the zipper, is AUGMENTED? It's NOT her natural foxiness???????? She needs help???????? And more than $13,000 for the entire campaing??????
Isn't this worse than any haircut Clinton or John Edwards might have received?
And will she give the outfits BACK since keeping them come Nov. 5 will be against the law????
The hole hasn't been dug deep enough to hide this woman now! I guess that kind of expenditure represents HER "real America."
It would be laughable if it weren't SO sad.

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