Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More on McGwire

Regardless of what people "think" or "believe," amking comparisons between Pete Rose, banned for life from baseball, and Mark McGwire,who some think should also be banned, are two completely different cases.

First, Rose broke THE unbreakable rule in baseball - no betting on games, especially your own team. It is the idelible stain upon baseball dating back to 1919. Steroids don't go back that far. H also went to prison for it.
Second, McGwire was never convicted of a crime nor charged by anyone - police OR baseball. In fact, MUCH of what McGwire took THEN was never banned by MLB because it needed players, like McGwire, to maintain popularity in the sport. Hell, you can STILL buy Andro on the self of any GNC. You cannot preach to youth about abstinence from PEDs and not advocate for its abolition to the general public.
Third, cheating has been part of the game for ages. Weren't greenies or bennies or whatever they took in the 50s, 60s and 70s ALSO performance enhancing drugs ... by the very definition of PED?
And records were set in eras where ballparks were SO small that mere pop-ups flew for home runs. Bobby Thompson's legendary "The Giants win the pennat" HR was hit over the LF fence at the Polo Grounds just 285 feet from home plate.
Everything, from equipment to medicine to the stadiums, have played into records from all eras. If you scrub one decade worth of records, you've got to go back and examine ... everything! And it can't be done.
Forget the asterisks, etc. And if you do it with baseball, shouldn't it be done for all sports? Think baseball is the lone olf here? Football has been nothing but steroid-aided, including the decade of the Cowboys' Super Bowls (and forget about the home town factor; players on ALL teams were juicing and there was NO excuse for it).
Everything has changed and nothing in this world has stayed the same. So live with it!