Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Frozen double chocolate cream pie

I've posted it on my Facebook page and now on my blog. It's low in sugar and high in taste. Enjoy.
1 graham cracker or vanilla wafer crust (store-bought)
1 (4 oz.) pkg. instant sugar-free chocolate pudding mix (Jell-o brand)
1 cup 2% milk, 2 tbsp. milk
1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese (Kraft Philadelphia brand), softened in microwave
2 cups Cool Whip topping (the real deal, which is almost devoid of sugar), thawed
1 pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips (Ghirardelli is slightly better than Nestle’s)
In large bowl, mix pudding and 1 cup milk; stir until mixture is thick. Add softened cream cheese and continue to stir until thoroughly mixed.
In separate smaller bowl, add 4 ounces of chocolate chips with 2 tbsp. mile and microwave until melted (but NOT burned at all). Remove and add to chocolate pudding mixture; stir thoroughly, then add 1 ½ cups Cool Whip, stir until completely mixed and blended.
Pour mixture into graham cracker crust, smooth with spatula; over with remaining Cool Whip evenly over top of pie. Cover with original plastic lid from crust. Put into freezer for at least 4 hours.
When ready to serve, remove and thaw for 10 minutes. Serves 8.

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