Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sonic boom: The power of "Shoelace"

After today’s doctor’s appointment (podiatrist but don’t ask why), I visited a local Sonic Drive-In for my half-priced, Happy Hour Route 44 diet Coke.

After the transaction, the pimply-faced red-headed male car hop peered into my Ford Explorer and spotted by University of Michigan blue cap on the seat.
“Hey, Michigan, I like them,” he squeaked (think of that face, approaching testosterone and maturity on a collision course … ain’t pretty, right?). “It’s that your team?”
Yes, I answered confidently. I went to the school, I added.
“Wow! You did?” he said, as if in the presence of royalty. “I really like ‘Shoelace” … you know, Robinson.”
Yes, son, I responded. I do follow the team and the quarterback.
“Yeah, man, they’re my favorite team!” he beamed as he skated away for another venture to French fry-land.
And at that moment, I truly felt the power of Michigan football – to have reach the very heart and soul of a 17-year-old in Plano, Texas.

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