Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good enough to serve, but not good enough to be recognized

Riddle me this: why is it NOT OK to be the child of undocumented parents (no one properly raising children in ILLEGAL; there are LOTS of "legal" people - born here - who don't know the first thing about it) who was brought to this country at a young age, but knows no OTHER place of residence but WANTS to be a productive law-abiding legal citizen ...
YET ... it's just fine and dandy for said child-of-undocumented parents to serve - AND DIE - in the United States Armed Forces!!!!!!!!!
Someone try to explain that, please. If he or she is good enough to wear the damn uniform, they should be granted AUTOMATIC citizenship; they are doing a helluva lot more to protect our values/freedoms than MOST actual natural-born citizens.
So when the Republicans in the U.S. Senate vote to derail the DREAM Act, permitting the CHILDREN (not the parents, mind you) to clear-cut their way to U.S. citizenship (including military service), they need not ask in the future why Hispanics turn a blind eye to their speech. Action and votes speak louder than words; in this case, the words say "Screw you!"

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