Thursday, March 10, 2011

The sham that has become Wisconsin

This T-shirt, actually created for another reason, says it all:
What the cheesehead (no, that seems to be the actual content of their craniums) Republicans have done, by illegally creating a bogus legislative action (a violation of that state's Open Meetings Act in multiple ways), as well as the deliberate end run around other Wsiconsin laws, only denotes the REAL intent of that group from the get-go. To destroy the public workers union and penalize middle-class citizens while lavishing the corporate interests (i.e., campaign donors) with tax breaks for things never to be fulfilled.
The subsequent results SHOULD be:
1) a boycott of that state's convention activity by ANY unionized business or group. In fact, the boycott should extend beyond that to its tourism. As much as I love the Milwaukee Irish Festival, people should boycot its attendance in support of the very people who dedicate themselves to its continued popularity - the average Sean and Mary in the Milwaukee middle class (the backbone of that city).
2) Recalls of Gov. Scott (Floor)Walker, the GOP Senate leadership and the state attorney general if he fails to rule against the criminality perpetrated yesterday and continuing today.
It's a sad day in America - not just Wisconsin - when one political party has declared open economic warfare on fellow AMERICANS! Shame on them for their cowardly act and for refusing to face the citizens in an open, honest procedure. At the moment, ALL talk of class warfare eminates from the GOP!

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