Thursday, January 26, 2012

A contrasting view of two Arizona women

Here is a contrast of two Arizona woman and the state of political discourse, courage versus cowardise and bitterness in our nation. One is a nasty, crabby, snarly ineffective bee-otch of a soul, sadly serving as governor, who is doing nothing more than selling books while acting as a schoolmarm by disrespecting the President of the United States in public.
The other is the very symbol of courage, having battled back from a tragic, near-fatal assassination attmept of her life, where others died but she barely survived and has triumphantly battled back, attmepting to regain as much as her life as possible. So she hugs the President, who was unwavering in his support of her efforts and rehab, at the State of the Union. This singular moment will remain with Americans long after the dust is wiped away from the speech's text.
Which ONE is really worthy of praise?

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