Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey, Mitt! Wrong reaction, dude!

Oh, Mitt, what are we going to do with you? So desperate are you to lip-smack the President that you do it in a blubbering manner without all the facts in your hands.
You keep using the word "apologize" when it isn't proper or applicable and you speak on unnamed American principles, but NEVER state what the fuck you'd do if faced with the same problem(s). You just bitch and never suggest a better course of action (which using military force isn't ALWAYS the right choice).
Look, it was a tragedy that our ambassador to Libya died (of smoke inhalation, trying to rescue his charges) and, if it can happen, those responsible should be brought to justice (if such a concept even EXISTS in Libya today).
And just because the "freedom" exists for someone to deliberately incite such reactions using film to demean someone else's religion doesn't mean it/he should EVER see the light of day. Calling out idiots, and saying such actions are NOT the attitudes (shall we use the world principles?) of most Americans, is not apologizing, but telling the truth. And, yes, it is time for others in this world to grow a much tougher skin and let this crap roll off their backs like water off a duck. We cannot blow up the world over a few stupid, inane comments by people without the sense God allegedly gave them.
But, Mitt ... it isn't apologizing. And you aren't acting like anyone who should be President.

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