Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hola/welcome to Big Tex II

State fairs aren't really my thing. Too many people, too much walking. Far too much of that awful smell of overused grease/oil in the air from trying to make the entire population of Dallas-Fort Worth sick as dogs.
I avoid it like the plague EXCEPT if my granddaughter comes to town and wants to go ... then I'm the tour guide of ALL tour guides.
This year, the organizers have unveiled the NEW, improved (non-flammable) Big Tex - the symbol of all this Texan and State Fair-ish. Last year he tragically burned to a crisp (and even sadder, people might have mistaken the corpse for one of the ridiculous fried items - like butter, chocolate, ice cream, jello, etc.).
But one day before opening, the curtain came off the new Big Tex, and, honestly, upon first glance, he seems to have a slight tone of Hispanic to him. Not saying if it's right, wrong or whatever, it just appears to be that way ... which is guaranteed to be a topic for the next four weeks on conservative-blabbermouth DFW talk radio.
If the State Fair is your thing, by ALL means, enjoy! It IS the nation's largest and serves as the site for our annual North Texas Irish Festival on the first weekend of March (Feb. 28-March 1-2).
Except we might put a bonnie wee kilt on him!! :-)

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