Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Final last words

To readers of this blog:
I am announcing the formal end to this blog having dropped that part of my life.
The Mgotalk podcast has been retired as of the 2014 season, since the two men have far more family and business concerns loading their plates. But it was a fun ride while it lasted, but enough is enough.
Simply put, I cannot keep repeating myself about this team, this program, this set of players (or non-players as demonstrated Saturday night) and this coach.I think Hoke is a nice guy but a BAD head coach (excellent assistant or HC at a mid-major). UM's QB is NOT a strong runner/rusher and either makes decisions too soon or too late. He might be a great student in the classroom, but his football IQ is not nearly as qualified. Our offensive line lived up to its problematic status vs. the Irish, despite assurances that three years of recruiting had solved this malady.
On Saturday, we were outplayed, outcoached, outhustled ... and outsourced to the status of "also ran" and "who cares." This is a program that has been overhyped, and overcommercialized by its athletic administration who thinks every aspect needs a commercial sponsor and will sell the program's soul for an extra marketing buck ... hell, even the AD title was sold! The staff and administration are far too secretive about injuries and other aspects that fans need to know (Is Peppers playing or not? Is Funchess playing or not? Is ANYONE playing or not?) Just tell the truth and let people see how it plays out.
My motto is: "We're a joke; Fire Hoke!" We need to find the right man for the job and it will NOT happen so long as Dave Brandon is the AD ... so he needs to go as well.
So ... for the first time, in recent memory, I won't be rushing to the TV to watch this Saturday's meaningless game against Miami (Ohio). It means nothing, proves nothing (even if UM wins) and impacts nothing. I'll DVR it ... but if it were a choice right now between conflicting programs showing Tigers baseball, Michigan football and Chelsea soccer (Go Blues), I'd watch the action across the pond before seeing the Tigers continue to sink in the AL Central. Michigan would be at the bottom of my list...
And at 62, I've written enough. In the end, I am just tired. I estimate, in my journalistic career, I've more than 2,000 columns alone, not to mention features, editorials, and straight news/sports stories.
That's all my inner Duracells can produce. No more blogging, no Tweeting EVER (the TRUE evil on this Earth) and only one mortal sin - Fantasy Baseball.
I write and edit a bi-monthly newsletter (36-40 pages) for our Celtic music association in Dallas (yes, a nice Jewish boy loves Irish/Scottish music), do the program for the annual festival (with more than 60,000 attending), plus coordinate the sales of performer CDs, and oversee my wife's annual family reunion (including constructing a family cookbook this year, which is VERY time-consuming).
I appreciate the fact that someone (or two) actually wanted to read my thoughts on the game. I have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside - it's either that or my matzo brie I just cooked.
Please keep in touch; I will!

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