Tuesday, August 30, 2005

God watch over the people on the Gulf Coast

Even for a news junkie like myself (and most of y'all), I just cannot watch anymore reports on CNN, MSNBC or Fox where cameras continue to show miles and miles of utter devastation along the Gulf Coast. It's just too much hardship to absorb and there's nothing new being reported.
I must say that I was totally moved last night watching CNN's "Newsnight" and the exchange between anchor Aaron Brown (one of the few smart enough to stay put in NYC) and reporter Jeanne Meserve. She broke down while talking with Brown and it was too genuine for even the most jaded of watchers. You felt her heartache for what she saw.
Which brings me to my main point - how many TV idiots are running around saying how New Orleans was "spared." I ask, "Compared to what???" Eighty percent of the city is under way, the levees have brown from Ponchartrain and are flooding the poorest of neighborhoods and no one knows how many deaths there have been because no one can reach these people.
If that is being "spared," I don't want it. However, the need for instant analysis cause such snap judgments to be made and it is a detriment to the rescuers, the victims and the survivors to hear such crap.
God watch over that area of the country. Those people surely need something good to happen.

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