Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Where is George W. Bush? Not at the site of the disaster, that's for sure!

Where is the President of the United States when his peopleneed him the most? Why wasn't he in a chopper Tuesday surveying the scene along the U.S. Gulf Coast?
Why is he in California comparing himself to FDR? What idiot advisor thought this would show him to be "Presidential?"
Shame on President Bush for giving the appearance that Iraq is more important than New Orleans, Gulfport or Biloxi. You'd think Daddy would have called to explain what happens when you are a no show to disaster.
It is a disgrace and there is no way around it but to call out the President on this. Sorry that his precious little vacation got cut short, but he should have told the folks in Coronado, "Sorry, gotta be where I'm needed." And that wasn't at some photo op political rally for some damn war. Hey, Mr. President, Mother Nature dropped a bomb on the Gulf Coast and it looks worse than Baghdad.
In truth, what's really more important? And who is really more important? It sure looks like he doesn't give a shit for these people ... because they ain't got no oil.
I must say it was pretty cheeky on the part of the President to compare his military action to World War II in his speech and his vision to that of FDR. That's awfully high cotton to be standing in.
Sadly, President Bush didn't quite study history enough. From his speech as reported by the AP, "He portrayed Roosevelt's vision as similar to his own - a commitment to spreading freedom even when U.S. allies were not convinced it was the best course."
Oops, history reveals that the U.S. was the last nation to enter the war in 1941, even after European allies begged us to get involved to stave off the Nazi assault across that continent.
And in 1941, we knew exactly which country comprised the enemy - Germany, Japan, Italy. You'd be hard-pressed to ID participating terrorist nations because, potentially, there are SO many. We attacked the one that contributed the LEAST to the 9/11 attack. Otherwsie, we'd be stomping all over ... Saudi Arabia and that ain't a happening thing.
All this chest-thumping at a time of real national tragedy in the Gulf states is quite unbecoming the office. And certainly it's NOT Presidential.
Yes, a caring President would have cancel the trip for one that demonstrates that he gives a damn. (Right, Mr. Rove? Bill Clinton would have been on the scene the next day).
And I guarantee you President Bush won't be at any memorial ceremony for the victims. No political points to be gained.
Only flag-waving, chest-thumping Fox News took time away from the only story America cares about right now to prop up the President and then spend two segments verbally whacking Jesse Jackson for meeting with Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Hey, can't you guys give it a rest for one goddamn day?!?! (Nope, edict no. 4 at Fox - never pass a chance to bash a liberal ... even when scores of people are drowning under torrents of flood water).
A pox on the Fox house.
Again, God spare New Orleans from further harm. It's just too wonderful of a city to be obliterated like a modern-day Pompeii.

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