Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another day, another idiot statement

This is like shooting fish in a barrel. It REALLY is getting too easy; smoking out all the idiot statements made by Republicans and conservatives against political opponents. Statements simply to dumb to have been uttered by so-called educated people.
Today’s posting comes from last Thursday’s Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention luncheon in Washington, D.C. where Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (son of former Michigan Gov. George Romney, a devout Mormon and pretender who thinks he can be the GOP nominee for President in 2008 because he ran the Salt Lake Winter Olympics) was introduced by Gerald Walpin, some New Yorker schmuck who is also a board member at the conservative law group.
Quote Mister Walpin:
“Today when most of the country thinks of who controls Massachusetts, I think the modern-day KKK comes to mind - the Kennedy-Kerry Klan.”
It seems that everyone laughed, but then again, they had Karl Rove speaking to them as well so you KNOW it was a joke.
Later, in a telephone interview with The Associated Press, Romney, trying to be a better broken field runner than anyone on Boston College’s football team, said the remarks “ill-advised.”
No shit, Sherlock.
The Boston Globe, in its Friday edition, said Romney laughed along with the audience and thanked Walpin for “a very generous introduction.” But Romney, when pressed about it all, said he wasn’t “really paying attention.”
“I was looking at my notes and preparing for my speech at the time,” he said. “There’s not much I can do about speakers who introduce me.”
Massachusetts State party chairman Phil Johnston was outraged that Romney could laugh at those remarks.
“It is embarrassing that Gov. Mitt Romney would laugh at any joke that disparages Catholics, African-Americans and Jews,” he said.
Now … here comes the good part. On Friday, Mister Walpin had NO regrets. “Certain people in Massachusetts have no sense of humor,” he told Boston radio station WBZ-AM.
The Federalist Society is one of those influential conservative legal organizations, and would be an important constituency for Romney if he wants to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2008. As you can guess, several senior members of the Bush administration are members.
In his speech, Romney produced an “unusually personal attack,” according to the Globe, at the Supreme Judicial Court for legalizing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, adding that the justices issued the ruling to promote their values and those of “their like-minded friends in the communities they socialize in.”
Romney, along with members of the audience, laughed at the joke and later thanked Walpin for the introduction. But upon further review, Romney decided it was a bad move to be seen laughing at such a tasteless remark.
“It is ill-advised and inappropriate to raise the KKK even in a joke, and I think it was unfortunate,” Romney said is the highest level of playing “cover your ass.”
And to demonstrate what a hypocrite Romney, and ALL other politicians are, he met with Senators Kennedy and Kerry and the Coast Guard to discuss the future of the Otis Air National Guard Base, which lost missions under the Defense Department’s recent round of base-closings. That was just less than four hours after laughing at a KKK joke at their expense.
“There’s nothing funny about equating two devout Catholics with anti-Catholic bigots infamous for violence against African-Americans and Jews … days after America buried Rosa Parks,” said Kerry spokesman David Wade. “Apparently it’s still standard fare at right-wing gatherings to make and accept intolerant remarks.”
A little background. In 1967, on live Detroit television, his old man, George, former president of American Motors who was elected as Michigan governor, went on a news interview show hosted by the legendary Lou Gordon, a very tough and combative interviewer. It was then and there that the elder Romney said he was opposing the war in Vietnam because he had been “brainwashed” by government officials about intelligence. Sound familiar, folks? Can you say Bush Administration?
At the time, Romney was considered to be a major front-runner but that interview, when replayed across the country, stopped the campaign in its track. Dead. Cold, Over and out. Romney’s name was not really heard on the national level again.
Isn’t it interesting that conservatives (and the Federalist are as right of right as you can get) easily dismiss tacky and tasteless and offensive as mere humor but go absolutely nuclear when they are lumped in with terms like “Nazi,” “facist,” and other equally offensive connotations.
What is good for the cooked goose should be just fine for the yacking gander.

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