Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Texas gay marriage ban vote not what it seems

On Tuesday in Texas, the infamous Proposition 2, that places in the Texas Constitution the already-enacted ban on gay marriage, passes overwhelmingly (75%-25%) in what had to be the least surprising outcome in the last 25 years.
If people think this was merely a vote to keep marriage "sacred" and "purified," they have failed miserably to comprehend what happened Tuesday. It was a dry run for the Rick Perry campaign to be re-elected as governor, which has, as its backbone, the same evangelicals that went to the polls to offer overwhelming support to Prop 2.
Sorry, but that IS the truth. He needed to show potential challengers, including that tough Grandma in Austin (state treasurer Carole Keeton Strayhorn), that he cracks the GOP whip in Texas. That was HIS constituency that voted and it was an impressive display of political power, I must admit (as a Texas Democrat which cannot field a candidate of any strength on any level).
I haven't seen anyone talk out of the side of their mouth since Buddy Hackett as does Perry. He may profess love for all, but he stands in the mud with those who want to control others - through the legislature, through religion, through their limited view of morals.
Folks, this is the one-party machine in Texas steamrolling who and what it wants. Ain't pretty, is it?

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