Saturday, December 10, 2005

They're dreaming of a "white" Christmas

True story.
I am returning from Houston to Dallas, through the back roads of Montgomery County, just north of Houston, between New Caney and Conroe. I was on State Highway 242, which runs east to west between U.S. 59 and Interstate-45.
Long having a sour reputation as a backwoods, redneck haven, the sight seen at the intersection of Hwy. 242 and FM 1344 did nothing to damper that status.
On the corner, across from a Shell station, stood about a dozen members of the White Camilia Order of the Ku Klux Klan, based in Cleveland, Texas (just north of New Caney). Most of them were decked out in their hunting fatigues and oil-stained gimme caps, waving large Confederate flags and just watching most of the cars drive by.
One brave soul was decked in his Sunday finest white robe, complete with pointy-headed hood.
They stood in front of a delapidated old school bus that appeared to have been "rescued" from an area pick-n-pull.
I could not help but laugh and as I slowed down approaching the stop light, I flashed them a message, stating who was .... Number 1.
Sorry for the symbolism that it all looked silly - standing in the mist, trying to be all formidable. Hell, there were more people down the road selling roadside shrimp and cords of firewood.
I'm sure the people of Montgomery County were SO proud. Have a nice "WHITE" Christmas ... or how 'bout a crappy HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!

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