Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Apples and oranges for coaches pay

Please, do not get the issues confused between what we pay our teachers and what we pay head football coaches.
The state regulates the base salaries of teachers - including athletic coaches. Texas is fifth from the bottom because the state of Texas wants it to be that way. That is a battle to be fought in the Legislature and will not be won until the current Tom Craddick-Kent Grusendorf anti-education leadership is removed!
Football coaches are supplemented on a local, district-by-district, basis. That is a school board decision, in the same way that superintendents get paid more than $225,000 a year (such as Plano ISD) -- FAR higher than the pay scale just 10 years ago.
As I said, don't confuse the two issues since each has a different battleground.
Of course, in Collin County, since the GOP controls EVERYTHING, including city and school government, there is a tie that binds.

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