Monday, February 06, 2006

Who Said What 4

Ah, February, the month of love, peace and happiness and one of my favorite Chambers Brothers tune.
Let us again go to Round 4 of “Who Said What?” and see if you can guess where these pearls of wisdom came from?
1) “The Democrats will eat that up because, while they can’t trust George W. Bush, they can trust Osama bin Laden.”
2) “The bin Laden videotape that came out right before the election last year, well, 2004, could’ve been a John Kerry speech; you know, 75 percent of it.”
3) “Well, bin Laden and the Democrats sound similar, would you not agree?”
4) “The most dangerous place you can be is between a liberal woman and her morning-after pill. That’s a more dangerous place to be than between (Sen.) Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and a television camera. When a liberal woman gets pregnant, you do not want to be anywhere near her morning-after pill. I think these babes ought to first prove that they’ve had sex with a man.”
5) “We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice (John Paul) Stevens’ creme brulee. That’s just a joke, for you in the media.”
6) “You buy what you build. That only makes sense.”
7) “Abramoff personally did not give any of his own money to Democrats, but he’s charged with giving them other people’s money. That’s what Dean’s hiding behind. He’s quite a guy, isn’t he? Ridiculous? I think so. But as always, I could be wrong.”
8) “The Bush administration has made too many mistakes. I’m praying it all works out, but they’ve made too many mistakes. But he’s not a hypocrite, Bush. He told you exactly what he was going to do, and he did it.”
9) “But it doesn’t take a brilliant genius to know two fundamental things: A woman can do better at getting women’s votes against a woman than a man can, and a black can do better at getting black votes than a white can. Duh.”
10) “If you want to punish the Palestinian people for practicing democracy, then the American administration should punish Americans for choosing President Bush. Please remember that you were the one who created the Palestinians’ crisis.”

And the answers are …
1) Rush Limbaugh, Jan. 23 broadcast, EIB network
2) Rush, same broadcast
3) Oops, Rush AGAIN from the same Jan. 23 show. He was hot THAT day.
4) Limbaugh from his Feb. 2 radio show
5) uber conservative author Ann Coulter, speaking Jan. 26 at Philander Smith College
6) Ford employee Rufus McWilliams, concerning a ban of non-Ford cars and trucks from the parking lot of its Dearborn (Mich.) Truck Plant, Jan. 26
7) Bill O’Reilly, The Radio Factor, Jan. 25
8) O’Reilly, same show
9) Consultant Dick Morris on O’Reilly’s The Radio Factor, Jan. 26
10) Khaled Mashaal, Hamas leader, Jan. 27

Hope you did well this time around.

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