Monday, March 06, 2006

Muslim respect not an automatic; must be earned

I am amazed at how this country now handles those who practice, and profess, to believe in Islam with kid gloves when it comes to the abhorrent behavior of followers who do harmful things in the name of Allah.
This UNC student who deliberately drove into a crowd of Tar Heels last week, "on a sign from Allah," to spread his mixed-up faith (that revenge should be taken for Americans killing Muslims when it apparently doesn't work in reverse) has not received the outwardly vocal condemnation of even American Muslims.
Why? It is because the current perception holds that ANYTHING said negatively about Islam is immediately called "racist?" That's bullshit of the highest degree.
If it were a Klansman driving into a crowd of black students, Christian (and Jewish) groups would be signalling outrage. Why no such reaction, on anything like this or many, MANY other incidents?
Once upon a time, we as a people spoke truth. And the truth is you cannot go around killing, or injuring, innocent people, and expect automatic love because you say you "believe" in something.
"Respect is earned," Jock Ewing once told Bobby. "It is not given."

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