Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Follow the money in the DeLay resignation

If anyone really believes that Tom DeLay is taking one in the shorts for his beloved GOP, then they do not know Mr. DeLay's history or his public penchant for MONEY MONEY MONEY (cue the O'Jays!).
His timing is exact and his reasons total $1.2 million. That's IT in a nutshell. He did it to gain that money, raised by "campaign" funds, to become his legal defense bankroll. It is another form of money laundering, if TRUTH be told.
And it should not stand any politician. There needs to be a law in making such practice illegal. If funds are raised for the purpose of campaigning, then that's EXACTLY what it should be directed toward and NOTHING else.
Otherwise, it should be returned. Any other use is simply fraudulent. And people need to step up and say so ... LOUDLY!
In the end, he leaves simply as a coward (cue Kenny Rogers for the Coward of [Fort Bend] County). His ego cannot stand the thought of actually losing (which he was) to a Democrat (which would have happened in November). He's taking his ill-gotten gain, as he has always done while in Congress and slinking away. Shameful!
Either way, it is a wonderful moment for people who don't think graft is a good thing. Good bye and good riddance; it's been far too "DeLayed" for many of us.

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