Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is what I know

According to medical statistics, at 53 (and approaching 54), I have lived far more than a majority of my life. If I were a baseball player, I’d be heading to third base with an eventual eye on “home.” So it comes to a point when one needs to summarize one’s life
In my time, I have discovered a thing or two. And for more than four decades, I tried to do that within the format of ink upon newsprint. Every so often, these are brilliant flashes of enlightenment; sometimes that are simple statements which elicit that Homer Simpson reaction of “Doh!” Illumination cuts both ways, you know.
I have discovered that …
Relationships are filled with passion and lust at the outset, but when that simmers down, something more real must eventually rise to the top.
We should classify people as “heroes” because they get the job done when it has to be done; regardless of personal or professional consequences (Sept. 11 should have taught everyone that lesson).
Money stinks when used as a scoreboard of a person’s life.
You and your best friend can do anything at all … or not one “darn thang” and it will be the most fun you’ve ever had.
Often those who you think will be the ones to dance on your grave will be the ones to keep you from going to an early one.
Sometimes you have the right to be angry, but you never have the right to be cruel. Cruelty should be one of the deadly sins.
True friendship will grow, despite the distance between cities, states or even continents; it is also true for true love. And people don’t always show their love to you just the way YOU want them to; they do it in the best way they know how;
Being mature means what you’ve discovered from your own life experiences and NEVER just how many birthday candles you have to extinguish on your annual cake.
There are times when you cannot be there for your family and vice versa; there will be times when non-relatives will be the ones you need the most;
Once in a while, your best friend will hurt you and you must forgive them … because they are your best friend. Remember, forgiveness is a two-way street; you need to be forgiven and you’ve got to forgive yourself.
The world does not halt for your grief and pain; the sun does manage to rise the next morning.
We are different in terms of social, ethnic, racial and economic makeup, but we become what we become and that is determined by us (only).
People argue all the time; it is not a sign that they don’t love one another; it isn’t a sign that they do.
You don’t end friendships once you discover that people (and friendships) change; just like everything else in life.
No one should want to know another person’s secret because it really is none of their business.
You can look at something and see it in a totally different light from someone standing right next to you.
Despite how hard you try to protect your sons or daughters, they WILL eventually get hurt … and in turn, their pain will be felt by you because you ARE their parent.
Your life can change in a matter of minutes (even a few seconds) by strangers you never know.
Even when you think you have no more to give, when a friend cries out to you, you will find the strength to help.
All the awards and certificates you possess do not make you a decent person. Just because you attend a house of worship does not make you righteous.
The ones you care about most in life have to die much too soon.
These are a few of the things I have discovered in more then a half-century. Maybe I’ll have more time to discover more.

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