Monday, May 22, 2006

Baghdad ER brilliant

The HBO documentary "Baghdad ER" was as harrowing and brilliant as anything you will ever want to see on TV, in the movies or anywhere else. It beautifully honored the work of these medical personnel and the tragedy of why they are there.
The work is invaluable but the reason, as perfectly noted by the chaplain, is "senseless." You can't detect IEDs; you can't do anything but react to IEDs, instead of be proactive to stop them. All you can do is hope they go away ... which isn't going to happen.
Meanwhile, often in graphic terms, you see the end result on young American lives - wasted, injured, maimed and brutalized.
And for what??????? To me, that is the question you MUST ask yourself when the film is over. Is it REALLY worth it?
My own answer is not just "no," but "HELL NO!"
The director, Jon Alpert, has been doing such genius work for 20-25 years it seems. There should be a special honor - at either the Emmys or Oscars or wherever - for his cinematic efforts.

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