Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can you read this?

If you ever wonder how the younger generation is SO addicted to the computer, it's because there are people who consider the written wrod to be a thing of the past ... like blogger Jeff Jarvis.
"I have nothing against books. But the book is an outmoded means of communicating information. And efforts to update it are hampered because, culturally, we give undue reverence to the form for the form's sake. Publish or perish, that's the highest call of our intellectual elite. But any medium that defines itself as a medium is in trouble: newspapers, broadcast TV, broadcast radio, and books. They are all faced with new and better means of doing what they do without regard to the limitations of any one medium.
"The problems with books are many: They are frozen in time without the means of being updated and corrected. They have no link to related knowledge, debates, and sources. They create, at best, a one-way relationship with a reader. They try to teach readers but don't teach authors. They tend to be too damned long because they have to be long enough to be books."

Such nonsense is actually accepted in many places. And you wonder why students graduating have problems competing in today's world?

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