Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bush mis'judges' Middle East conflict outcome

Poor President Bush! In 2009, when he “retires” (hopefully) from politics, he will NOT have a career as a guest judge on “American Idol.” From comments made Monday, he has no idea who is a winner and who is a loser.
He probably thinks that people like Clay Aiken or that gray-haired guy actually have … talent! How sad!
This is based on his comments that with the cease-fire implemented, and holding as strong as a bandage on wet skin, that Hezbollah should be declared the loser of this skirmish.
Excuse me, but what war has HE been watching? The Iraq war? If “losing” means you’ve taken your sworn enemy’s best military shot, enhanced your political standing among formerly unfriendly neighbors and emerged as the so-called “champion” of disenfranchised Palestinians and Arabs, then, sure, you lost!
Hezbollah proved to be a much tough, much more resilient combatant than Israel, or anyone in the U.S. State Department (which seemingly continues to live in a Bizarro-like world of reality in the Middle East) realized. It matters little that most of Lebanon is a pile of rubble; Hezbollah fighters emerged triumphant from that shambles (unfortunately for the rest of the world). If an election was held today in Lebanon, anyone want to guess who would win???
But there was President Bush, giving his David Hasselhoff analysis, on military talent.
If you want a Hollywood analogy, go back to “Rocky I.” Rocky Balboa merely wanted to prove himself in the ring; not necessarily do the impossible (actually winning the fight). Going the distance, something no one else had done with Apollo Creed, would be victory in itself.
Israel might have inflicted great damage on Hezbollah’s stronghold and the inhabiting nation. Many fighters might have died and there could be a cease-fire that will hold. We should all be so lucky.
But I am guessing Hezbollah will need extra helpers to handle the increasing amount of volunteers to its cause. For the first time, someone stood up to Israel (yes, it had the overwhelming help of Iran and Syria) and lived to tell the tale.
It was a massive miscalculation by the Israeli hierarchy, which cannot afford that many misjudgments, and its American backers. The world des not need more Hezbollah recruits; it needs peace and security which was NOT advanced by this conflict.
Perhaps we should send Clay Aiken to the front line. A few bars and everyone will surrender … unconditionally.

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