Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stupid postal paranoia

If the post office isn't stupid enough, my experience Sunday tops it all.
I tried to mail a package on Sunday to a friend in Arizona. At the nearest post office in Plano, Texas, there is one of those automated postage machines, where you can weight and print the postage. You sjip those 20-minute waits in line and can be on your way ASAP.
But, lo and behold, on Sundays, you cannot MAIL the package because the slots are locked to the public. Seems as if they want you to mail it in person so they can see it mailed in person. And that doesn't happen until Monday.
It took two visits to discover that since the firswt post office didn't have the requisite sign to inform the public ... must have gotten lost in the mail.
Of course, on Monday, I can use the same machine, avoid the long lines and drop it in the same slot.
And on Sunday, no one touches the packages untl Monday so what's the problem?
It's just more of these stupid asshole uber-security scare tactics that has everyone paranoid. And our government agencies buy into it wholeheartedly.
Damn these bureaucrats and those who have put this nation into this mindset. We must stop surrendering our liberties and lifstyles for a false sense of security. It doesn't exist.

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