Monday, September 25, 2006

We're number .. TWO?!?!?

I guess we just have to accept the fact that our country, the mighty USA, is no longer number one in terms of sports in this world.

In anything.

Golf? We got skunked at the Ryder Cup for the third straight time and it wasn't close (by the way, how about all the words about Phil Mickelson choking in these competitions???)

? No American male has won a major since Lord knows when???? We can't get past Russia in the Davis Cup (which the U.S. hasn't sniffed in over a decade) and the women's equivalent - the Federation Cup - ain't sitting here.

Basketball? Why aren't we world champions for either men or women? We invted the darn sport. But, alas, we aren't.

Of course there's always baseball, the American pastime, right? Uh, sorry, Japan is WORLD CHAMPIONS. We never made it to the finals.

Soccer? Uh, no. Team volleyball? Uh, nope (we don't count beach volleyball).

We don't have a driver on the world Formula 1 driving circuit; too many of our athletes in sports like track and cycling seem to be all doped up.

We need to remake all those foam fingers to read, "We're Number Two!" apparently.

Because the facts sadly dictate that.

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