Friday, January 05, 2007

Anti-Hispanic/illegal immgration rhetoric simply hateful racism in disguise

You cannot listen to any radio talk show these days without bombardment with bigoted, anti-Hispanic bombs from white callers. It might be cloaked under the guise of “illegal immigration,” but the truth is this: it is racist hatred at its core and it is directed to ANYONE, legal immigrant or native-born citizen, who possesses brown skin and a Hispanic last name.
It makes some of us sick to our stomachs and makes me run to sports stations or NPR, which puts me to sleep more than it helps me wake up in the mornings.
The Dallas Morning News is constantly hit with a barrage of angry, hateful letters about its coverage of the issue, with idiots disguised as readers claiming any story about someone Hispanic is “pro illegal immigrants.” One of their best columnists, Macarena Hernandez, more of a pure Texan than most of the readers, is derided constantly for her views and for simply being who she is –an intelligent Latina.
One of Dallas’ last locally-owned grocery chains, Minyards, is slowly but surely eliminating its name from its store, concentrating on the Hispanic-theme Carnival brand name. It plans to close the East Dallas store, the flagship outlet more than 60 years ago, in favor of going to a Carnival concept.
Of course, the family name means nothing anymore in DFW as the Minyard family has not been an actual part of the company for a decade.
The Hispanic-themed Carnival is the future and it ticks off all the Anglos in town. It, plus anything involving Hispanics, is seen as pandering to illegal immigrants despite whatever business wisdom went into the decision.
All this anti-Hispanic talk is akin to the racist, bigoted diatribe of the South in the 1950s. It is disgusting and unworthy of any place which deems itself to be progressive.
Of course, hatred means listeners. It works that way, sadly, in a medium which only requires a voice – not a brain or any measure of intelligence – to exist.

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