Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No time for speeches tonight

As a faithful follower of news, I must admit to this: I will be watching ANYTHING else except for the speech tonight. Other than what has been disclosed, nothing (I repeat NOTHING) new will be said by Mr. Bush. He is going to rehash the same old tired arguments in order to justify sending more American soldiers to bail his ass out of the frying pan.

Now if he really wants to make a stunning statement, he should pull an LBJ and announce a total withdrawl in 90-120 days to perimeter points along the Iraqi border, keep foreign elements out, let the Malaki government see if it can survive without U.S. troops (which MUST happen at some point), and re-emerge when the smoke clears.

But Mr. Bush will not do that. He is too stubborn to admit this has gone all wrong and this is more spaghetti thrown against the wall to see if it is done. We cannot cover all of Iraq with 22,000 additional foot soldiers - now under the command of an admiral (I don't understand that thinking, but what the hell). The "insurgents/enemy" merely have to move to when there are fewer US soldiers and continue their sectarian battles.

This is all too much like that comic skit about "the line of death." We keep drawing the line of death, daring someone to step over it and when it happens, we draw new lines.

But for more than 3,000 families, such as the Roy Velez family of Lubbock, which lost two sons in the same year, it's not funny. It's downright tragic and tonight the tragedy will continue because one man is too pig-headed stubborn to change despite what a clear majority of Americans want. Now.

I see no reason to waste time hearing about it tonight. Fuck the Sunnis, Kurds and Shia in Iraq. They haven't proven worthy of our help and our blood. Bring our men and women home to help here.

What's on HBO instead?

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