Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The "drill, baby, drill" canard

All this bulshit about having to immediately drill our way out of the high price of gasoline is just that - bullshit!
The facts and the free market, the conservatives PRETEND to love but undercut at EVERY turn (when it doesn't benefit big business), state otherwise.
The price of a barrel of oil has dropped BELOW $100 - it was over $150 a few months ago. Why is that????
Uh, the public decided to conserve and use less??? Right.
Less demand forced down prices from over $4 to $3.30 (still NOT matching the drop in oil prices, running counter to gas increases when the oil price rose)??? Right.
And no one had to drill a single hole for a thing to make it happen...
Hey, all you drill-happy people, EXPLAIN THAT!
Conservation, changes in driving habits and better energy maintenance DOES make a difference. You can laugh NOW at keeping tires inflated, but if everyone did it, we'd save money energy than exists in the earth right now.
And the last few months proved it.

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