Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Palin lie: Don't "hold me accountable"

First you say you will and then you won't;
Then you say you do and then you don't...
Oh, Sarah, you really don't want to answer ANYONE'S questions about anything despite past LIES when you should you wanted "transperency" in your government.
Now your lackey Republicans, trying to protect the poor, innocent, helpless female governor (that you claim NOT to be), are attempting to stop the investigation YOU yourself welcomed ... with open arms.
To quote Groucho Marx: "How late do you stay open?"
Another day, another lie, another try.
Don't worry; nothing is important except for the future leadership of this nation, in jeopardy so long as you hang around as someone sort of sainted, annointed by God candidate.
Except for the fake you ARE!

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