Saturday, April 04, 2009

ER trivia: Oscar winners and nominees who appeared

I am still mourning the loss of "ER" as my Thursday staple for television. After 15 years, it will be difficult to adjust to something else - "Southland" simply doesn't do it for me. "ER" was simply ... the best - up there with "NYPD Blue" and "Hill Street Blues" for changing TV dramas.
So a little trivia: Who appeared on the show that either WON Academy Awards OR ... were nominated for Oscars?
Answer as follows:
Winners: Sally Field, Red Buttons, Fores Whitaker, Lou Gossett Jr., Susan Sarandon, Louise Fletcher and Ernest Borgnine (who, at 90, is the oldest LIVING Oscar winner ... I think and who was quietly magnificent in the final episode. He wasn't just "McHale's Navy;" he was/is a fine, fine actor). Of course, George Clooney started on "ER" and won and Oscar for "Syriana."
Nominees: Don Cheadle, Eileen Brennan, Piper Laurie, Mary McDonnell, William H. Macy, James Woods, Mare Winningham, Mickey Rooney, Djimon Hounsou, Angela Bassett, Julie Delpy, Emile Hirsch, James Cromwell, Alan Alda, Hal Holbrook.
What attracted these outstanding actors to the show? Outstanding, insightful material. Thursdays and television will NOT be the same.

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Hi there!

Luise Rainer, who won back-to-back oscars (the first actor/actress to do so) will be 100 on January 12. She is the oldest living Oscar winner!