Thursday, April 16, 2009

When you ASS-U-ME

I am simultaneously amused and tired of the right-wing, holier-than-thou bloggers in the world blaming liberals/left-leaning thinkers and anyone who disagrees with their narrow-minded POVs for all the ills upon himn, society and the country (which he believes is the only stick that stires the world's drink).
They assumes they know with such certainty what people think, say and do without the benefit of the facts. And I can simply go back to that age-old explanation about the word, ASS-U-ME.
BUT ...
if I believe that the workers are MORE responsible for the work accomplished than the executives; that airline workers sacrificed more than the executives to rescure certain companies and deserve to have some of those sacrifices returned before an exec receives one penny of bonus;
if I believe we should melt some of the polar ice cap surrounding relationships with countries like Cuba and China when it benefits US financially and economically; and that tourism is one way to enrich and demonstrate the benefits of our way of life to outsiders;
if I believe that people who want to spread "the American Dream: to foreign lands (whether they want it or not) but won't extend the same opportunity to as many people who live here , as possible ... then color me a proud liberal. I will resemble that remark.
But don't pretend to know what I'm thinking on any particular issue without asking me. Search for my e-mail address and ask me directly; I'm not scared to answer anyone.
As for tea parties? They're for little girls; real guys do protest barbecues!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Michigan Daily - yes, those WERE the good old days...'Tor',Cusumano, McGinn, the Greek, Dan Boros, Gene Robinson with that deep voice, wheelchair basketball...could go on and on! Stuck

Anonymous said...

If this is Rich Stuck, please contact me at ASAP. I need to hear from you.