Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The answer comes on what's 'up!'

From some guy at the Morning News:
Dear Mr. Bloom,
Please allow me to apologize for the bad experience you had this morning with our commenting system. One of our assistants was working on the administrative tool we use to manage the system. He was testing various combinations of inappropriate words.
Of course, the words “cotton” and “up” have nothing sinister about them. But when they are connected to other words, they can occasionally cause problems for our customers. Our technician erroneously saved some changes to the system during the period when you were attempting to comment. He realized his mistake and undid the changes. But for a one- or two-hour window, an incorrect filter was being applied to new comments.
I hope you will not be dissuaded from leaving comments again in the future. I am interested in hearing how it goes – good, bad or indifferent – for you.
All the best,
John Granatino
Deputy Managing Editor/Interactive News & Information
Dallas Morning News
So I guess "up" was "down" and now will stick around...

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