Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Up, up and WHAT?!?!?

The following is too true NOT to believe and an actual email just sent:
Dear Mr. (editor Bob) Mong (of the Dallas Morning News),

As a reader who has, in the past, posted reactions to stories on various Dallas Morning News blog threads, I must ask, and then protest, the oft-ridiculous censorship of too many common English language words by whatever program you employ.
While I understand the need for civility in “open” discussion (communication one-on-one between two individuals is NOT the same as putting out comments for the whole world to see), whatever controls your paper’s blogs borders on the absurd.
Two examples:
1) The oldest athletic facility in Dallas is the Cotton Bowl; yet that word “cotton” is considered “inappropriate” language for Morning News blogs. So exactly HOW does one refer to the game, the stadium or the fabric by which most clothing apparel is derived? Exactly how is “cotton” inappropriate?
2) The blog will not accept the word “up.” I don’t know HOW this is inappropriate, but it is deemed to be. So I can never use the phrases “up-and-down,” “up and back,” “up in the air,” “up, up and away,” “up the street” or anything with this two-letter combination because someone, somewhere, somehow … has programmed your website to state “inappropriate.”
Screw, on the other hand, when used outside the concept of nuts and bolts, is allowed.
Perhaps it would be best for readers to be informed of ALL such “inappropriate” words (outside the obvious profanity and epithets) that will be censored in order to properly adjust when responding through the website’s blogs. At least, I’d like to see it.
Charles Bloom
Plano TX

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