Monday, October 03, 2005

A hack used to be a taxicab

So President Bush nominated his personal attorney as the next Supreme Court justice of the U.S. How fine and dandy; it keeps in his tradition that experience and qualification matters little when it comes to filling government posts. This nomination is from the man who brought you John Bolton as U.N. ambassador, Michael Brown as FEMA director, Michael Chertoff as Secretary of Homeland Security and a dozen other jobs for his political and fundraising hacks.
Hell, he even found Tom Schieffer, president of the Texas (baseball) Rangers while W. was part-owner, an ambassadorship ... because we know dealing with professional athletes is like being in a foreign country.
Two things - should anyone who has served on Dallas City Council in the last 25 years REALLY be on the Supreme Court? That owuld be an automatic DQ in my book, given the council's reputation.
Second, do you think she has BEEN in the Supreme Court building as anything other than "Visitor?"
If only the Democrats had decent candidates to run in 2006, power in Washington could change hands. Miers is just another sympton of a White (frat) House run amok.

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