Monday, November 03, 2008

All you need to know about candidates ...

It's Halloween Night and you have children, ready to go trick or treating. What do you do?
If you are Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and running for vice president of the U.S., you shclepp your youngest daughter in some costume through a strange (to you) Philadelphia suburb, with TV cameras and Secret Service in tow, begging for candy.
You also have your infant daughter, suffering from Down's Symdrome, in costume too (in violation of any clear Halloween rule that a child must be able to walk to a door to get candy) - all for the obvious PR effect.
If you are Barack Obama, senator from Illinois and candidate for President of the U.S., you GO HOME to Chicago, stash away the cameras, take your daughters through THEIR own neighborhood ... as ANY NORMAL FATHER WOULD! Away from the press; just sharing family time together.
Just exactly WHO is showing the proper family values?
And WHY isn't little 7-year-old Piper Palin IN SCHOOL? In Alaska? What kind of parent allows this child to become a campaign PROP??!?? And why is a special needs child, who needs "special" care, constantly hoisted up like she is in "The Lion King" to GOP crowds?
It disgusts me and to think she wants to govern anyone in this nation. Hopefully the people of Alaska will send her packing to Wasilla in two years ... unless she appoints HERSELF to replace Ted Stevens as U.S. Senator (if this cranky felon actually wins re-election tomorrow).
Perhaps it WOULD be a good idea for Alaska to become its own nation ... less corruption for the rest of us.

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