Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just when you least expect it ...

I am driving back from my rehab workout at the Medical Center of Plano, along Park Blvd., when a silver Jaguar begins honking at my 1999 Ford Explorer (it was not because both are Ford products).
A woman, blonde, in her 40s and "well tended" as they tend to say in this here the suburbs of 'burbs, pulled along my right side and, after seeing my "TEXANS FOR OBAMA" bumper sticker, flashed a big smile and gave me a huge "thumbs up" - obviously in support of that sentiment.
Normally, I get looks of total scorn and even NASCAR paint scraping from some of the redder of necks in this county. But this was totally unexpected.
Maybe ... just maybe ... things have REALLY changed in America.

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