Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Boo hoo' cries the Republicans

Boo hoo!
Wah! Wah!
This Don Quixote campaign against the newly-signed health care law by the various RED states attornies general (the exception being Michigan and its a Republican AG running for governor along with three other social-climbing GOPers) is trying to do the VERY thing Republicans wish to forbid others from doing (going to court and suing).
Their hue-and-cry has NO case law to back its un-Constitutional claim. While the 10th Amendment covers some things, the supremacy clause DOES override it.
Ironic, isn't it? Suing because they lost the 2008 election (what it is in effect). And it is being led by ... former members of the old Confederacy, who have NEVER accepted the outcome from 1865.
As has been said by MANY others, elections HAVE consequences and in 2008, that meant substantial change. We saw it happen (to this nation's detriment) in 2000; and we survived (except for those sons and daughters who gave their lives in a useless war).
And how about shutting the fuck up about fascism and communism and all those other "isms" people keep yelling about but have absolutely no clue or concept of their true meaning. Under Cheney-Bush, we came closer to actually seeing imperialistic rule in this nation than President Obama has ever conceived on his worst day.
After screwing up ITS majority rule, Republicans can only moan and groan and attempt to disrupt the majority now owned by the Democrats. They have NOTHING to offer despite all pronouncements to the contrary; they fought merely to stop, not to substitute. Starting over did not mean offering something better; they loved the status quo which was not working for most of the people (save those entitled and those rich enough NOT to care).
All the angry older white people can throw anybody they desire out of office and mistakenly think the replacements will be better. The huge budget deficit is a product of massive GOP spending and policies leading up to the 2008 election. To deny that fact is to deny the earth is round. To think Republicans will do better the second time around is as stupid as believing bankers will regulate themselves.
People are right; the adopted health care law is not a great bill, but it begins fixing many problems and future Congresses can improve on it. The first step HAS been taken and those shedding crocodile tears will be the first ones to take advantage of the new law.

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