Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Texas primary results - take 1

LOST was much more interesting tonight but ... a few things are being made clear with the results of the Texas primary elections (more take later).
1) Tea Party does NOT deliver votes, only complaints. Otherwise, Perry would be out (the biggest incumbent of them all is moving on to gold medal round against a MUCH better campaigner). If people like Cong. Ralph Hall (our version of the 1,000-year-old man) also win, all that "throw the bums out" talk is just that - cheap talk without a shred of direct action. To be feared, you gotta deliver in the clutch. As it is said here, the Tea Party is "all hat, no cattle."
2) This SHOULD be the end for Kay Bailey Hutchison. She wants to leave D.C., come home and promised to resign - win or lose - after tonight's results. Let's see if she follows through. And this was not only a loss, it was a rebuke of her.
She can't win in 4 years after tonight because the blueprint to beat her has been written. And this loss gives Perry the chance to appoint someone HE wants there (I don't know who or how after all he's said about how BAD people in DC are).
3) If you run, don't be a clown ... like Farouk Shami. And if you endorse someone, know that person FIRST (statewide Hispanic Dems groups) before getting embarassed.
4) Ask this: would turnout have been greater if the primary were held on a Saturday???????????? Still hard for many people to vote on a weekday workday.
More later when I actually get some damn sleep.

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