Sunday, March 21, 2010

I rest my case!

If you wish to know how hate-filled the debate over health care and the 2008 election stands now, just read the comment posted on my post below. It says it all!
And when people devoid of historical knowledge are allowed to enter the debate, ignorance abounds, especially when they constantly refer to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a fascist who HATED communists. They are polar opposites in terms of philosophy, yet opponents of health care reform toss it out like handfuls of confetti.
YET ... these same people bitch and moan and yell about government-cntrolled health care and programs .... while gladly accepting Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Exactly who in the fuck do they think runs that????????
And then go to church and pray for exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught mankind.
In the language it deserves, far too many people believe in "I got mine and fuck all the rest of you." Civil War? Stupidity runs amok.
And the Republicans, scurrilous and duplicit in their silence, should be ashamed at how the debate has proceeded and their refusal to denounce these tactics. The end, in their eyes, justifies the means. Damn ALL of them for not speaking out!!!!!!!!!!
And to the guy who posted on my blog, bring it on; you'll be 0-2!

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