Wednesday, September 22, 2010

University of Michigan sports trivia

Go ahead and try your luck. Answers next week.
1 – Five numbers have been retired in the history of Michigan football. Name the players and the numbers.
2 – Ironically, the basketball program ALSO has five retired numbers. Name the players and the numbers.
3 – Before Michigan Stadium, where did the Wolverines play football? And what was its most famous event?
4 – Who was Michigan’s FIRST football All-American?
6 – Why was the famous winged helmet introduced to college football?
7 – Which Michigan man won NCAA team titles as athlete and coach in the same sport?
8 – Of all the New Year’s Day bowl games, which one has Michigan NOT participated in?
9 – Which Michigan athlete was the first African-American to win an individual Olympic gold medal?
10 – How many Michigan baseball players and coaches are enshrined in Cooperstown’s Baseball Hall of Famer?
11 – Which former Michigan athlete was the first U.S.-born citizen to have his name engraved on the Stanley Cup?
12 – When Bo Schembechler took over as head football coach in 1969, he retained only two assistant coaches from Bump Elliott’s 1968 staff. Who were they?
13 – Which former U-M football coach was also an elected mayor and state representative in Michigan?
Bonus – Name the original members of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

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