Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why the Tea Party is a collection of hypocrites

I will be the first person to admit I completely do NOT get what the Tea Party is all about. To me, it’s nothing but a bunch of old angry white people who hate things, and people, they don’t understand, while being led by the nose by others who lie and distort merely want the glory, power and money that comes from such submissiveness.
With the help of a few comments, I’ve picked up here and there, I’m trying my dead-level best to figure it out, but I have LOTS of questions:
For example:
Why didn’t these so-called Tea Parry sympathizers become outraged when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount happening in Florida in 2000 and declared who the slim majority wanted to become President (when that person did NOT win the popular vote of the “people” by some 500,000 tallies)?
Why didn’t these people become outraged when the United States falsely sent thousands of America’s best and brightest men and women to fight and die (plus get injured, maimed and destroyed emotionally) to fight a war that should never have happened? Where was the indignation over the constant lying and falsification of evidence about “weapons of mass destruction” and “terrorist sympathizers” when there was neither … in Iraq? How can ANY of these people look the family of men like Pat Tillman in the eye and say, “Sorry but didn’t care about that issue”?
Even more important, where was the outrage over the price tag for that excursion – listed at some $600 BILLION and still growing? What about THAT attack on the national debt? Or the outright theft of $10 billion in Iraq stolen – not by Iraqi forces – but by American companies and contractors (who, by the way, were killing people and NOT being held accountable to ANY court of law)?
Where was the moral indignation about illegal torture of people NOT involved in any crime against America, indefinite detention, sights like Abu Grahib, or the deliberate disclosure of the identity of a CIA operative working to battle possible terrorism against this country, merely for political posturing?
No one heard a word from the Tea Party when the abhorrent conditions were disclosed about U.S. veterans’ treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and throughout the VA system – shamefully starved for funding by the Bush administration, which diverted that funding to the war effort.
How can Tea Party supporters stand for a frontal attack on our Constitutional rights through things like the Patriot Act when they allegedly hold the Constitution to be so near and dear to their hearts and mind? How could be permit overt wire-tapping of private phone conversations made by American citizens? And then stand silent while the (former) President of the United States blatantly lied about the existence of such a program?
No one with the Tea Party cared when incompetent federal governmental response allowed tragedy and death to continue in New Orleans – an American city occupied by American citizens. And these same people have NEVER asked why those citizens have NOT been allowed, or helped, to return home and be provided with the simple necessities of life – clean water, adequate housing, schools, hospitals/medical care – that were all swept away because of multiple systemic failures.
Where was the Tea Party when Bush and his GOP-controlled Congress ballooned the national debt from a surplus (in 2000) to over $10 trillion in eight-years’ time. They only focus on the Democrats’ two-years control (2006-08) but ALWAYS forget that no spending bill was ever, EVER vetoed by Bush while he was in office. (I keep forgetting: the GOP will do better THE NEXT TIME but offer NO proof to that supposition).
No, we didn’t hear about any “Tea Party” until a black man was elected president and he tried to deal with the shit storm left to him by the previous administration and Republi-cant’s in Congress. The banking system was collapsing, the auto industry was collapsing and the debt was growing because, in 2001, the GOP leaders decided to move MORE of the nation’s wealth to the richest 2 percent, even drawing a law that would allow no inheritance tax on anyone in 2010…and then, poof, goodbye tax breaks for all the people.
Right in the lap of the new president the Tea Partiers loathe SO much they resort to bigotry, lies and deprivation instead of logic, discussion and agreement somewhere in the middle (which the dictionary often calls compromise). No, the people who get Social Security checks and Medicare coverage didn’t want the government involved in any form of health insurance coverage for children, lower income people or anyone that didn’t look like them (in terms of skin color especially).
They believe you can say anything about anyone – OTHER than them – and it didn’t matter how crazy, kooky or stupid their standard-bearers were so long as they spewed and regurgitated their particular party line – as in the Tea Party MANIFESTO.
I find their total lack of interest in local issues to be hypocritical, pinning all the future problems on the national debt (which has ALWAYS been there for scores of generations, including the Reagan, Nixon, Eisenhower and Bush years).
They aren’t worried about debt; they are worried about themselves and losing “control” of what the country USED to represent. They want to go back to a time when minorities were denied rights by institutions, sanctioned by state control; when minorities only served at the majority pleasure and whim and literally worked as servants and low wage workers to make things for the pleasure of others.
They profess to want to follow the parameters of God and a particular religious following, while denying that same right to others, despite what the Constitution says (also despite the fact that God, or Jesus Christ, is NEVER mentioned once in that document).
They hate what they don’t understand and don’t want to understand what they don’t know. They want to turn the U.S. into a barricaded island and wallow in their misery. They want to “take back” their country but have no clue where to take it to in the future.
It’s a joke but it isn’t funny because the gullible “sheeple” of this land are about to vote the fools, jesters, deniers, enablers and dishonest BACK into power – thanks much to the gullible nature of the Tea Party.
So, no, I don’t pretend to understand them because I’m not really capable. You see I am a free-thinking, rationale American, not some Tea Partier, who thinks that shouting is a substitute for brain activity.
And I don’t want to change.

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